Awarded the best orthodontist practice in Columbia, MD in 2019, Columbia Town Center Orthodontics is conveniently located in the heart of Columbia, Maryland. We combine exceptional orthodontic services with easy access to our award-winning practice. Serving the Howard County area for over 40 years, our Orthodontists set the standard for high quality, precision orthodontic care delivered with our full attention to the concerns of each patient we serve.

About Columbia Town Center Orthodontics

a mother and daughter hug after learning about columbia town center ortho a howard county orthodontics officeWe use the latest and most advanced orthodontic technologies and offers a comprehensive range of orthodontic services to treat our patients with a personalized, hands-on approach to orthodontic treatment.

Whether you need aesthetic straightening or orthodontic improvements for dental health, let our team of orthodontists design your personalized treatment plan, and partner with you to create the smile you have always wanted.

Contact Columbia Town Center Orthodontics today for a new patient exam to learn about our full range of orthodontic services. Our patients love our work; it shows with every smile!

Orthodontic Services at Columbia Town Center Orthodontics

Columbia Town Center Orthodontics offers a comprehensive array of orthodontic services. Our highly trained, Best of Howard County team of orthodontic professionals provides many different services to ensure our patients are offered the best options that meet their needs and lifestyle.

The orthodontic services we offer include:

Conventional Orthodontic Braces (Metal & Aesthetic)

Metal braces are the most recognized orthodontic treatment. They are frequently used to address dental issues like overcrowding, gaps between teeth, overbites and underbites. Aesthetic braces offer a less noticeable alternative treatment option for achieving our orthodontic goals.


As an alternative to Conventional Orthodontic braces, Invisalign offers another treatment option. This approach uses a series of clear plastic trays to shift teeth gradually into the desired position. The trays are removable, for ease in eating, drinking and caring for the teeth during the course of treatment. Discrete and clear, Invisalign is an option for patients who wish to minimize the appearance of their orthodontic appliance, maximize freedom in food choices and ease the dental care during treatment.

Dental Retainers (Retention)

Dental retainers are often used after the teeth have been moved into the desired position to retain alignment and prevent teeth from shifting back to the previous positions. Retainers come in various shapes and materials and are often recommended to be worn to prevent teeth from shifting.

Orthodontics for Kids (Early & Adolescence Treatment)

Our orthodontics for kids, including early and adolescent treatments, provides parents the opportunity to correct issues with their children’s teeth as early as possible. Early treatment is to aid in the correction of crossbites, underbites and minor tooth movements. Correcting crowded or misaligned teeth during childhood results in fewer dental and social issues during adolescence and adulthood, so planning orthodontic services in childhood is the ideal option for parents wishing to help their children avoid these issues later in life.

Orthodontics for Adults

Our orthodontics for adults provides adult patients with many personalized solutions for orthodontic issues. Whether traditional metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign or another orthodontic service, we have multiple solutions to meet your adult orthodontic needs.

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