While orthodontics offers a less invasive method for correcting overbites, underbites, crowded, gapped and impacted teeth, there are times when oral or maxillofacial surgery in Howard County, is needed. Columbia Town Center Ortho can help in these cases. As a patient of Columbia Town Center Orthodontics, we develop a treatment plan design specifically for you, with the focus on improving the functionality and beauty of your bite. In some situations, a treatment plan may require oral surgery to achieve the desired result. A basic example includes tooth extractions to correct issues with impacted teeth or to ensure ample space for adult teeth. In more complex examples, when traditional orthodontics cannot achieve the desired outcome, oral surgery may be required to correct issues with severe overbites and underbites. However, its common that most oral alignments and corrections can be achieved with just orthodontics.

Orthodontists and oral surgeons often work closely with one-another, focused on creating a functional and beautiful smile. Your orthodontist’s primary interest is to mechanically address the alignment of your mouth. If oral surgery is necessary, your Columbia Town Center Orthodontists will refer you to one of our highly recognized surgical colleagues in the Columbia area.

We understand that oral surgery can be anxiety-inducing. Therefore, our staff at Columbia Town Center Orthodontics will recommend the surgeons we know and trust, the ones we work with regularly. These oral surgeons will answer your questions, walk you through each step of the procedure, and support you while you are in their office.

Contact us today at 410.873.9242 to schedule a consultation. During this time, we gather the information needed to devise a treatment plan for you. Based on our examination, we should be able to determine if oral and maxillofacial surgery in Columbia, MD would be needed with your treatment.

Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryWhat Is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

This dentistry specialty involves diagnosing and treating issues with the mouth, jaw, and facial structure. Some oral and maxillofacial surgery is intended to fix cosmetic issues, while other procedures are medically necessary. Surgeons in this specialty go through a traditional dental school program. After which they receive additional training in oral surgery, followed by a four-year residency program. This education requirement makes them some of the most experienced professionals in dentistry.

Why would someone need oral or maxillofacial surgery? These procedures can treat any of the following issues:

  • Dental extractions – An oral surgeon can remove teeth that are infected, damaged or require removal
  • Impacted wisdom teeth – An oral surgeon can safely remove wisdom teeth
  • Lost teeth – Dental implants can replace missing teeth
  • Facial reconstruction – A surgeon can rebuild or modify the jaw
  • Cleft palates – Restore function to the lips and mouth
  • TMJ – Surgery can relieve the pain associated with this condition

These surgeries can also address cosmetic concerns like changing the profile of your face, reshaping the jaw, or removing extra facial tissue.

Oral Surgery and Columbia Town Center Orthodontics

Our highest priority at Columbia Town Center Orthodontics is our patient safety. Therefore, our treatment plan and, if needed, referrals to an oral surgeon, are scrutinized based on the alignment of our end-goal, a functional and beautiful smile.

At Columbia Town Center Orthodontics, we will use traditional mechanical means to “noninvasively” alter the alignment of our patients’ teeth, however, when required we will recommend oral surgical procedures. The trusted surgeons we recommend, are experienced and caring individuals who will ensure that you are both safe and comfortable during the procedure.

Columbia Town Center Orthodontics offers the following orthodontic services in our Columbia, MD office:

  • Metal braces – This traditional option can help transform your smile and correct issues with your bite
  • Invisalign® – This teeth-straightening option can give you the smile you want in a less-noticeable way than metal braces
  • Dental retainers – Maintain your beautiful smile by wearing custom-made retainers
  • Child and adult orthodontic services – We provide orthodontic services to both children and adults in our conveniently located office

Learn more by contacting our office for a consultation. Call Columbia Town Center Orthodontics at 410.873.9242 or contact us online today.